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  • What happened to America’s working class? Race, Gender, Capitalism, and Power.

    KI Associate Director, Lane Windham gave a series of talks at the University of Wisconsin in coordination with the The Havens Wright Center for Social Justice. Talks entitled, "Blue-Collar Battle: Th

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  • Just Employment in Action

    Georgetown University’s contract with its union of adjunct professors is a significant model that merits replication in other institutions of higher education, says a Kalmanovitz Initiative report entitled Just Employment in Action: Adjunct Unionization and Contract Negotiation at Georgetown University.

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  • Workers in Hard Times

    As the world economy struggled to cope with and recover from the “Great Recession,” the Kalmanovitz Initiative in conjunction with America’s leading academic journal of labor history, Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas, gathered more than fifty top scholars from four continents for the Workers and World Crises conference.

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