Labor Spring 2024

#LaborSpring 🌹

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We are continuing the enthusiastic work that Labor Spring 2023 started, which brought together over 80 events in more than 30 states across the country at host sites ranging from college campuses to libraries to union halls to movie theaters. Labor Spring 2023 kicked off a movement that is going strong to this day as we prepare for a new year and even more solidarity with workers in their fight for equity.

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Working people are currently powering a historic upsurge in intersectional class action that is the largest in a generation. Autoworkers, nurses, graduate assistants, delivery workers, actors, screenwriters, baristas, hotel workers, retail workers and others are uniting in a multi-racial effort to demand justice on the job and to defend our embattled democracy within a shifting capitalism. Meanwhile, labor’s popularity is surging and young people are particularly interested in the collective power of unions.  The time is right for workers and their allies to amplify this moment through broad solidarity. 

Labor Spring 2024 will build on last year’s Labor Spring when students, workers, unionists, and allies organized more than 80 events on or nearby college campuses in more than 30 states across the country, educating the public and fueling youth interest in the reviving labor movement.  We aim to build on that momentum in 2024, doubling the reach of this movement, tying it to local and national campaigns. Labor Spring 2024 will ensure that labor issues, workplace justice, racial equity, and efforts to bolster the public good remain front and center as this all-important election year unfolds.  

All events are welcome, and we particularly want to work with undergraduate students in building further labor engagement capacity. We encourage faculty and community members to reach out to and with undergraduate students in planning Labor Spring.  Many events will link the campus to the community, and will have a particular focus on organizing in the South.  We encourage all Labor Spring organizers to build events that are fully accessible to all.  

We invite you and your allies to join this movement, link up to the national effort, and form a local group to plan an event of your own, such as teach-ins, speakers, conferences, social events, demonstrations, and rallies. All types of organizations can serve as hosts for Labor Spring events. The events could be in-person, virtual or hybrid.  Labor Spring 2024 is anything that brings people together and helps to build solidarity and momentum to the fight for labor justice at this vital moment.  

Check out our Media How to Toolkit for resources on how to promote your event

  1. Sign Up on the national website; fill out as much information as you have now  – – you can return later to fill in more details;
  2. Develop an organizing committee at your campus/school/community that includes a diversity of workers from your campus and community, including students, faculty/teachers, campus and community workers, nearby unions, worker organizations and others. Student and youth participation is particularly essential. We encourage community outreach by students to show college students are engaged in the community that they are in. 
  3. This organizing committee should look for a diversity of voices and ideas. We will publicize the name and contact information you provided on the signup sheet so that others who are interested in participating can connect with you.  
  4. Determine a time and place – you may decide you want to do a single, one-hour event, while other groups may decide to have events lasting a whole day or even a whole week.
    • You can choose whatever dates work best for you
    • Organizing committees are encouraged to prioritize accessibility when determining locations and times.
  5. The focus is providing a forum for a community conversation in which members educate one another. Engaging students and younger people is a priority. We expect that many events will cover subjects like:
    • Labor History
    • Your rights on the job
    • Contemporary labor struggles, either nationally or close to home
    • Anti-unionism – how it works, why it happens, why it’s important to call it out. 
    • Building a diverse 21st century worker justice movement 
    • Climate and the connection to worker issues
    • Key issues for working people, including housing, health care, education, child care, and immigration.  
    • Connections between racial and economic justice
  6. The organizing committee will have primary responsibility for advertising the teach-in at their institution, but if you need help or suggestions, the media outreach committee can help.  
  7. We encourage organizing committees to share the materials they are creating with us by emailing, so that they can inspire other groups.
  8. We strongly encourage that the event be free and open to the public.
  9. Use the hashtag #LaborSpring on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, tag @georgetownkilwp (Twitter/Instagram) and @KILWP (Facebook)!