Revisit 2023 With The Kalmanovitz Initiative

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2023 was so impactful for The Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and The Working Poor. This has been an incomparable year in labor. Support for labor is the highest it’s been (new window) in almost 50 years with the youth of Gen Z leading the charge for the next generation. Throughout 2023, The Kalmanovitz Initiative rose to the demand of the current moment with one of our most successful years ever.

At The Kalmanovitz Initiative, we use our unique position as a labor center in the nation’s capital to serve as a hub to find new, innovative and inclusive ways to convene, research, educate, and mobilize for economic and racial justice and the common good. 

The Kalmanovitz Initiative hosted and sponsored a diverse set of events for workers and their allies.

Throughout the year, we were honored to host events, produce resources, and truly create the work needed during this pivotal time for workers in American History.  We plan to continue into 2024 with an even stronger dedication to the movement.