Solidarity Economy Workshop

The Solidarity Economy Workshop (SEW) is an experiential workshop inspired by the Economy of
, the international solidarity economy movement initiated by Pope Francis. The SEW seeks
alternative ways to (1) organize work and build workplace democracy; (2) expand ownership; (3)
promote responsible asset stewardship and capital investment; and (4) center all working people’s
dignity and rights in the economy by expanding financial access for marginalized, discriminated and
excluded groups.

SEW’s work includes

● Promoting and contributing to the ongoing dialog and development of social economy principles
through publications, media engagement, podcasts, videos, social media, speakers, and
● Developing and supporting opportunities for student engagement with solidarity economy
principles through (1) opportunities to work on SEW projects and (2) the creation and
administration of the Solidarity Economy Summer Fellowship, and (3) the development of future
solidarity economy educational opportunities within the Georgetown University community.
● Developing and/or leading economic activism activities.


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The Economy of Francesco

Learn more about The Economy of Francesco – the movement started by Pope Francis that inspired The Solidarity Economy Workshop


Upcoming Class: UNXD-3316-90: Solidarity Economy Podcasting

Coming Fall 2023! Dawn Carpenter, Director of The Solidarity Economy Workshop at The Kalmanovitz Initiative will be teaching “Solidarity Economy Podcasting.” This course examines the paradigm of the solidarity economy and introduces techniques of audiostorytelling in this domain.

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What does it Profit Trailer

April 3rd, 2023

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Dr. Dawn Carpenter is the Director of the Solidarity Economy Workshop and can be reached at (new window).