What Does it Profit #4 Solar Holler: Mining the Sun in West Virginia

Posted in Solidarity Economy Workshop

This episode sheds light on mining solar energy in Appalachia and the impact Solar Holler (new window) can have on the safety and well being of historic mining communities in West Virginia.

Through a series of individually told stories, the host Dawn Carpenter dives deep into the issue of solar energy mining in Appalachia, exploring the origin of Solar Holler and the history of coal mining in the region. This series of stories brings to light the voices of West Virginians from mining families, IBEW union workers, and the founders of Solar Holler as they look to the future and consider the lives of those who live in the region.

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\Listen to this powerful podcast episode. Let’s let the voice of Appalachia be heard by getting this story out of the holler and into the world.

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