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Research in Action Fellowship

The Kalmanovitz Initiative Research in Action Fellowship places student applicants with top research organizations advocating for working people. The fellowship will provide students with the opportunity to learn from leaders in the world of workers’ rights, support and contribute to ongoing campaigns and research projects, and develop their own research skills throughout the course of the fellowship.

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Practitioner Fellowship Program

The Practitioner Fellowship Program offers labor activists and strategists the opportunity to take a step back from their work and think creatively about challenges facing working people today.

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Organizing Fellowship

The Kalmanovitz Initiative Organizing Fellowship places undergraduate students as organizers with local community and labor groups advocating for working people.

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Fighting Inequality: Joint Conference of LAWCHA and WCSA

Fighting Inequality: Class, Race, and Power is a joint conference of the Labor and Working-Class History Association and the Working-Class Studies Association. The Kalmanovitz Initiative will host the conference from May 28-31, 2015, at Georgetown University.

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Lunch and Discussion with Amy Goldstein

We invite Georgetown students to join us on Friday, October 31, for a lunch with our fellow Amy Goldstein, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist from the Washington Post.

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Smokestack Nostalgia?: Understanding Work Heritage in an Age of Austerity

On Tuesday, October 14, Professor Tim Strangleman of the University of Kent will explore some of the critical discourse that has emerged from the process of deindustrialization. What does it tell us about the wider meanings and values attached to work in the past and present?

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Justice for Janitors DC: A Digital History Project

Justice for Janitors changed the lives of thousands of people. Since 2010, at Georgetown we’ve been collecting the stories of DC Justice for Janitors—union activists, politicians, employers, community leaders, and janitors themselves. We’ve dug up old newspaper clippings and video footage and collected photographs and flyers, and assembled all of it into a digital history website. Watch a trailer for the project (embedded left) and check out the website here!