Despite “weak,” U.S Labor Law, Labor Activity is Heating up in Alabama for Auto Workers. The KI’s Lane Windham Weighs in for

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…Lane Windham is a labor historian with Georgetown University. She said an uptick in union activity has been taking place nationwide since the pandemic, as ideas about work changed.

The demands of the job, the idea of essential workers, and what people were willing to do for minimum wage or higher all erupted in fights, such as the push to organize Starbucks.

But union membership nationwide still accounts for a tenth of the total workforce. Agitation hasn’t exactly translated into membership, and there’s a reason.

“U.S. labor law remains extremely weak,” she said, “especially compared to labor law in the developed world. At Starbucks, you’ve had something like 300 stores supporting a union, but you don’t have a single union contract. And you don’t get counted as a union member unless you have a contract…Read More HERE