Practitioner Fellowships 2012

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Georgetown University’s Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor is dedicated to developing creative ideas and practical strategies for working people, in collaboration with workers, employers, advocates, and faith leaders. To that end, we are happy to announce the 2012 Kalmanovitz Fellowship for practitioners. In the course of their daily work, labor activists and strategists accumulate deep insights into the broader challenges and opportunities facing working people. But day-to-day responsibilities rarely permit sustained reflection to develop thoughts into coherent ideas and proposals. The Kalmanovitz Fellowship offers practitioners the opportunity to think about, discuss, and refine their ideas into concrete and creative products. Practitioner fellows may use their terms to develop articles, strategies, policy proposals, lectures, or other forms of work product. We particularly encourage proposals that engage Georgetown undergraduate or graduate students in some way, through seminars, research collaborations, or other avenues.

Eligibility: We welcome applications from practitioners in all fields related to labor and the working poor, including unions, workers’ centers and organizations, advocacy and nonprofit groups, and faith-based organizations. Fellows must have at least seven years of work experience to be eligible. Non-U.S. citizens are welcome to apply. Applicants need not have any particular academic background or credentials, but should demonstrate an intellectual interest and the capacity to benefit from the fellowship opportunity.

Terms: Fellowships may last between one and four months. The monthly stipend will be $5,000. We do not offer health insurance or any other benefits. We expect that most fellows will take leaves of absence from their jobs, and we encourage applicants to consult with their employers about continuing health, retirement, and other benefits during the course of the fellowship. If the applicant’s employer continues the applicant’s salary and/or benefits during the fellowship, the stipend may go directly to the employer at the applicant’s request.

Fellows must be in residence in the Washington, DC area throughout the entire term of the fellowship. We do not offer housing or housing assistance. Fellows are expected to participate regularly in Kalmanovitz Initiative events. Within three months of the end of their term, fellows will share the results of their work, in whatever form it takes.

Support: Fellows will receive office space at Georgetown University, access to all university libraries and resources, and a university email address. Fellows may also propose to receive research assistance from a Georgetown student.

To apply: Applicants should prepare the following materials:

1. Application cover sheet (Download).

2. Personal essay: A brief essay of no more than 1,000 words describing your work experience and the major ideas or commitments that guide your work.

3. Proposed work: A proposal of no more than 1,000 words detailing the project you intend to pursue as a fellow. Explain the problem or issue that interests you, the ideas you want to explore, and the work product you intend to develop. Potential work product can include papers or articles, organizing strategies or plans, policy or legislative proposals, or other creative outputs. Specify your plan for pursuing your idea, including the University resources you expect to use, and the timeline for producing your work. If you propose to receive student research assistance, describe in detail what sort of research you require. Finally, explain how you expect your fellowship to contribute to your work or your organization.

4. Letters of recommendation: Please arrange for two letters of recommendation from people who are familiar with your work. Letters should address your work experience and capacity to fulfill your fellowship proposal. We encourage you to share your proposal with recommenders in advance.

5. Supplementary material: You may submit a resume or CV, samples of your work, articles by or about you, or other materials if you wish, to a maximum of ten pages or ten minutes of digital video.

These materials must be submitted in a single packet to our office at:

Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor
Attn: Practitioner Fellowship
Georgetown University
209 Maguire Hall
Washington, DC 20057

We will review applications for the 2012 fellowship on a rolling basis beginning January 2012.

Please email with any questions.