Continuing the Work to Organize Black Workers and Communities in the South

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On Sunday, July 20 at the 105th annual NAACP convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, about 100 members of the organization’s labor caucus met and heard a lively panel discussion on the relationship between the labor movement and the civil rights movement. A major focus of the conversation was on the need to expand southern worker organizing.
“Organizing black workers in the south is a key cornerstone to future union revitalization,” said KI practitioner fellow Marc Bayard, who moderated the panel.

NAACP Labor Caucus

The panelists included:
– Miguel Foster, Director of Civil and Human Rights for the UAW
РRobin Williams, Associate Director for Civil Rights and Community

Action Department for the UFCW
– Derrick Johnson, President of the Mississippi NAACP
– Reverend William Barber, President of the North Carolina NAACP
– Gloria Jean Sweet-Love, President of the Tennessee NAACP (not pictured)

The conversation was both a reiteration and continuation of the conversation the Kalmanovitz Initiative hosted at Georgetown on April 28-29, 2014, entitled Keys to Revitalization: Organizing Black Workers and Communities in the South.