2011 Faculty Summer Research Grants

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Within Georgetown University’s vibrant community of distinguished faculty, many scholars pursue research relating to labor and the working poor. The Kalmanovitz Initiative sponsors summer research projects for faculty across academic disciplines, from public health to economics. In 2011, the Kalmanovitz Initiative is proud to support these faculty research projects:

Professor Robert Bednarzik, Georgetown Public Policy Institute: “Post-Training Outcomes of Displaced Steel Mill Workers.”
Professor Lindsay Oldenski, Walsh School of Foreign Service: “The Impact of Offshoring on the Occupational Structure of the U.S. Economy.”
Professor Lois Wessel, School of Nursing: “Occupational Injury Among Day Laborers: Knowledge of Risks and Access to Treatment.”

In 2010 Research Grants were awarded to:

Melissa Fischer, Department of Anthropology: “Improving the lives of Working Poor Women: A Preliminary Study of Sustainable and Responsible Investing in Gender Equity.”
Andria Wisler, Program on Justice and Peace Studies: “Raising up the Lower East Side: Ending Second-Generation Poverty in New York City through Girls’ Education.”
John M. Kline, Landeggar Program in International Business Diplomacy: “Local Stakeholder Impacts of a ‘Living Wage’ Employer.” Professor Kline’s research resulted in a publication profiled in the New York Times.