Organizing Internship

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The Kalmanovitz Initiative Organizing Internship places student leaders in paid internships with top local community and labor groups advocating for working people.

The internship provides an opportunity for students to observe the impact of community and labor organizing, support and contribute to ongoing campaigns and projects, and develop their own organizing skills.

The purpose of the KI Organizing Fellowship is to expose students to activism and organizing work. Through firsthand involvement in local campaigns, students will develop their own view of the challenges facing workers in the modern economy and the role of worker justice in a larger social justice context. From these experiences, students contribute to the next generation of the worker justice movement.

The program seeks to:
• introduce students to a range of issues affecting the labor movement and the working poor;
• develop the organizing skills of students;
• positively contribute to the efforts of community groups working towards worker justice;
• and establish a stronger connection between Georgetown and local communities.

By placing students with groups doing organizing work, students will gain valuable skills for future work in movements and organizations dedicated to social justice and creating change.

Our current partner organizations for the spring include:

Meet Our Organizing Interns

2018 Summer
Mizraim Belman, Taylor Davis, Chris Dunn, MacKenzie Foy, Mariel Mendez

2017 Summer
Dyzhanay Burton, Derrick Little, Dan Zager, Ruby Vega, Sonia Adjroud

2017 Spring
Vincent DeLaurentis, Citlalli Velasquez, Esmeralda Huerta, Patrick Bylis, Sophie Bauerschmidt Sweeney

2016 Fall
Mackenzie Foy, K Me, Vincent DeLaurentis, Esmeralda Huerta, Citlalli Velazquez, Dan Zager, and Mayte Alonzo

2016 Summer
Vincent DeLaurentis, Esmeralda Huerta, Citlalli Velasquez, Pam Escalante, Angie Valenzuela, and Bria Wade (new window)

2015 Fall and 2016 Spring
Mia Campbell, Candace Milner, K Me, DK Yun, and Bria Wade

2015 Summer
Mia Campbell, Clara Mejia, Kevin Ruano, Chris Wager, and DK Yun

2014 Fall
Esmeralda Huerta, Maurice McCaulley, Candace Milner, and Sidney Wells

2014 Summer
Andrea Guerrero, Diondra Hicks, Suzy Jivotovski, Yanely Perez, and Marisha Wickremsinhe

2014 Spring
Nick Dirago, Jess Hardin, Carly Rosenfield, Josh Zeitlin, and Marina Zhou

2013 Summer
Citlalli Alvarez, Nick Dirago, Megan Griffin, Johanny Lopéz Domínguez, and Kimberly Portes