Students Protest Housing Conditions at Howard University

Tents outside of a Howard University building.

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On many fronts, the challenge of affordable housing in Washington is evident. Housing prices continue to rise, contributing to gentrification and neighborhood displacement. Encampments across the city provide unmistakable testimony to increasing numbers of unhoused people. And affordable housing is in short supply now, although the city has pledged historic amounts of money to build new affordable units.

Now, a protest at Howard University shows what happens when housing under the control of a private corporation falls into disrepair. Students have faced mold, insect infestations, health concerns, burst pipes, and damaged belongings. Their issues with the conditions in their residence halls are part of a protest on Howard’s campus that is now entering its third week. 

The protesters are seeking, among other things, refunds for their campus housing payments, free health monitoring and medical care, and reimbursement for damaged belongings. They are also highlighting Howard’s relationship with corporate dormlord, Corvias. Corvias is a target of multiple campaigns by campus unions and housing advocates across the country.

You can read their demands and petition at the link below.