Labor Capital Strategies Fellowship

Labor Capital Strategies fellows

The Labor Capital Strategies (LCS) Fellowship matches undergraduate students with top labor groups and progressive investment groups advocating for working people. The internship program is jointly run by the Kalmanovitz Initiative and Heartland Capital Strategies (new window).

The LCS Fellowship is a well-paid internship for students to gain hands on experience working with the capital strategy teams within unions or with funds that manage union money. The work ranges from investing the money that unions have received from their membership to supporting watchdog corporate governance campaigns to helping with communications work for the capital strategy department of a union, depending on the placement organization’s needs.  The LCS Internship provides an opportunity for students to observe the impact of finance and capital strategy, support efforts to strengthen the labor movement, and develop their own understandings and skillsets.

Through their involvement in labor capital strategies organizations, students develop their own views of the challenges facing workers in the modern economy and the role of worker justice. From these experiences, students contribute to the next generation of the worker justice movement.

Current and former placement organizations include:

For more details about the fellowship, visit our LCS information sheet, and if you have questions, reach out to (new window).

Our Students

Summer 2021

Luke Caruso, Sofia Chen Ma, Nathaniel Cox, Jakob Daucher, William Keto, Jasmine B. King, Xander Kott, Benjamin Lawson, Victor Liu, Maryssa Pallis, Sean Rong, Niels Ruigrok

Summer 2018
Zeke Gutierrez, Eleazar Lopez, Hannah Lynch, Matt Maury, Noah Ruffin

Summer 2017
Casey Doyle, Dalric Fields, Robbie Frants, Clare Heine