The Progressive | One Question: What More Can Joe Biden Do to Help Working People?

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KI Associate Director Lane Windham answer the, “What more can Joe Biden do to help working people?” in The Progressive.

“He can listen. Working people are fed up after forty years of stagnant wages and no support. They’re hitting the picket lines at a historic rate and driving a slow-moving general strike by quitting bad jobs.

Biden can help workers improve those jobs by ensuring their right to form unions. Even without Congressional labor law reform, Biden could sign an executive order requiring federal contractors to remain neutral when workers decide to form a union. This would be a historic check on outsized employer power.

Strikers have decried long and erratic hours. Many employers get away with demanding these punishing schedules by mislabeling front-line workers as managers, thus avoiding paying overtime. Biden could direct the Department of Labor to close this loophole and restore overtime pay to millions.”