EPI| At least 27 Workers a Day Suffer Amputations or Hospitalization from Workplace Injuries

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A shocking 27 workers A DAY suffer workplace injuries that lead to amputation or hospitalization according to OSHA data collected by The Kalmanovitz Initiative’s Debbie Berkowitz and Patrick Dixon.

Meat and Poultry plants managed to be some of the most statistically dangerous places to work, despite employing fewer people compared to other corporations. Tyson’s Chicken, JBS and Cargill ranked 5th, 8th and 20th – with numbers of injuries in the hundreds. These companies are still the epicenter of the child labor crisis as well.

The EPI report does not even cover all possible injuries, including broken bones and non-overnight hospital stays and only includes 29 states – meaning numbers could be higher. However, it suggests that this is even more reason to expand inspections of these workplaces.

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