DC Report | Younger Workers Lead Starbucks Union Organizing Effort

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KI Executive Director, Joe McCartin comments on the ongoing organizing at Starbucks locations across the U.S. and the unfriendly environment of U.S. Labor Law.

“It’s a kind of chicken and egg thing that we face. Clearly, we need labor law reform. And labor law reform will enable organizing. However, in order to have labor law reform, you have to have organizing pressure developing.”

“I’m old enough now where I’ve seen every other Democratic administration trying to pass this act or that. Clearly, we need the PRO Act; Starbucks workers are the poster children for the PRO Act. But I think it’s less about the legislation and more about the movement. It’s more about where Gen Z — or Gen U is now. Whatever the law is, employers will always figure out the game and how to play it. The real issue is opposition and having the public stand up to a bully.”

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