WEBINAR: Confronting the Digital Workplace: Whose Power? Whose Voice?

Zoom screenshot showing Leon Fink, Katie Wells, Joseph McCartin, Dania Rajendra, Hannah Johnston, and Christy Hoffman.

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On Wednesday, January 27th, KI convened an international panel featuring Christy Hoffman of UNI Global Union, Katie Wells, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Kalmanovitz Initiative and Author of “Just-in-Place Labor: Driver Struggles in the Uber Workplace,” Dania Rajendra, Director of Athena, a national coalition taking on Amazon, and Hannah Johnston, Postdoctoral Researcher on platform-based work, Northeastern University.

The panel engaged in a probing discussion of some of the most important challenges facing today’s workers across the Digital workscape—including Amazon, Uber, and Google.

The Kalmanovitz Initiative co-sponsored the event with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. KI and FES is grateful to all the panelists for their participation in an exciting and timely conversation. You can view the full recording of the event at the link below.