EVENT: Working Class Writing: From the Community to the Archives

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On February 9, KI and the Lannan Center for Poetics and Social practice hosted a panel discussion entitled, “Working Class Writing: From the Community to the Archives.”

The panel focused on writing used to reflect on and to critique the the struggles, strengths, and pleasures of working-class life. While working-class writing provides thoughtful, moving, often humorous insights on working-class life, it often reaches only local audiences or is kept tucked away and private. Panelists discussed strategies for developing, collecting, and archiving working-class writing and considered why such efforts matter.

Sherry Linkon, director of the Georgetown Writing Program and KI Fellow, moderated a panel featuring Mark Nowak of the Worker Writers School, Jessica Pauszek of the Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers and Boston College, and Emma Penney of the Working-Class Writing Archive

View a recording of the eventĀ here (new window) or on theĀ Kalmanovitz Initiative Facebook page (new window).