EVENT: Envisioning Just Cause Employment & a New Social

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On March 30th, KI hosted an event, “Envisioning Just Cause Employment & a New Social Compact.” The event featured a distinguished panel:

  • Guilherme Machado Dray, Professor of Labor and Comparative Law, University of Lisbon, and Partner at Macedo Vitorino & Associates law firm in Portugal
  • Ugo Okere, Policy Director, Raise the Floor Alliance (Illinois)
  • Benjamin Sachs, Kestnbaum Professor of Labor and Industry at Harvard Law School, co-chair Labor and Worklife Program
  • Irene Tung, Senior Researcher and Policy Analyst, National Employment Law Project (NELP)
  • Lane Windham, moderator, Associate Director, Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor, Georgetown University

You can view the recording of the event here (new window) or on our Facebook page (new window). During the event, our panelists shared resources including the “Clean Slate for Worker Power (new window)” and a NELP report, “Just Cause Job Protections: Building Racial Equity and Shifting the Power Balance Between Workers and Employers (new window).” 
The webinar is part of our New Social Compact project (new window). The New Social Compact project will host a public forum, June 2-3, 2022, “The Pandemic Worker Wave and a New Social Compact:  A Public Forum on Working-Class Prosperity in a Transformed World (new window).” This global event will lift up this era of working-class ferment, which holds the possibility of a global workers’ rights revival. Stay tuned for updates about that event in the coming weeks.